17 December 2007

Ode to Stagecoach

I was assigned to watch Stagecoach for my American Film class and I was also assigned a poetry rough draft for my creative writing class. After brainstorming and doing freewrites for the poem I ended up with what is now the two verses of the poem pasted below.


It was something about the way he held her,

maybe, or the infinite nature of the Western plains,

but it wasn’t until they rode into the black and white

horizon on that stagecoach that I really felt

life is something sad and wonderful --

a horse-drawn wagon carrying our baggage

until we turn into the dust that sweeps up

against pretty women’s faces or from under

the leather boots of some cowboy who will

also grow old and fade to black.


youngsun said...

oh a poetry!

nakaikoi said...

It takes alot of balls to write good cowboy poetry. I commend you.

yoshinorimike said...

Wow! A flurry of activity on the blog, and I just noticed now~

By the way, I really enjoyed your poem, Kazu; I feel like I've read a lot of bad poetry recently, and your poem was refreshing and evocative. Thank you!