17 February 2008

Oscar Predictions 2008

The Oscars are seven days away (seven days left to vote on my poll, get on it!) so it's time to make some predictions for winners in the major categories:

Actor in a Leading Role:

Daniel Day Lewis, no doubt. I think he's won every other award for this category, and deservedly so. The scene which this shot is from contains one of my favorite monologues: "This is my son and my partner H.W. Plainview."

Actor in a Supporting Role:

Javier Bardem. This one is another no-brainer, since Bardem has won the Golden Globe, the BAFTA award, the SAG award, and whatever else he was nominated for. Though I think Casey Affleck certainly deserves recognition for his role in The Assassination of Jesse James, he will get snubbed.

Actress in a Leading Role:

Julie Christie. I haven't seen the movie, but I know it's a sentimental one, which the Academy seems to love. Also, Julie Christie was awarded by her own peers during the SAG awards, so I have a feeling it will be her.

Actress in a Supporting Role:

Cate Blanchette as Dylan in I'm Not There. Honestly, I haven't seen the films of the other actresses nominated, but I figure this is pretty safe. They won't give Blanchett an award for Elizabeth: the Golden Age, so they'll throw her one for this role.

Animated Feature Film:

Ratatouille. C'mon!

Documentary Feature Film:

No End in Sight. Though Sicko seemed to connect with a lot of people with its issues on health care, the War is a much more pertinent topic, so I predict it to take home the award.

Art Direction
This one is kind of tough because it is a more technical category and less easy to predict with subjective opinions, but I'm going to say There Will Be Blood. The wooden shacks, the oil pump, everything soaked in the period of the film. Again, this is tough because I've only seen one other film nominated.

A friend of mine called this the toughest category, and I think that is pretty true. All of the films nominated are beautifully shot (4 of which I've seen) and it's hard to predict what the Academy will pick. Even so, I'm going to go with Atonement because of its sweeping, ambitious shots, including a very long single take on the beach. Then again, Roger Deakins is nominated twice.. would they rob him of both? Ah, who knows.

Original Screenplay

Diablo Cody for Juno. They gotta give the "indie darling" picture something. Besides, Cody won the BAFTA and the WGA award. It's in the bag.

Adapted Screenplay

Another tough one. I think it's either between The Diving Bell and the Butterfly or No Country for Old Men. Since I haven't seen the former my pick goes to No Country.


Dario Marianelli's score for Atonement was beautiful. Since Johnny Greenwood was disqualified from nomination for his amazing score to There Will Be Blood, I'm going to go with this one.

Best Director(s)

The Coen brothers! They've already earned all the accolades available, including recognition from the Director's Guild. It's time that they win.

Best Picture

This is probably the toughest for me. My gut tells me No Country for Old Men will win, but Atonement makes threats with its Golden Globe and BAFTA win. The latter also seems to be more Academy-friendly as opposed to the violent No Country. Nevertheless, I will stick with my guns and say that No Country will win.


Tymon said...

These are some solid predictions. I agree with your best picture and best cinematography predictions, especially. As much as I'd love to see Casey Affleck win for his role as Robert Ford, it does seem likely that he'll be snubbed; I think his performance was one of the best from the year, if not several years past.

Why was Johnny Greenwood disqualified?

youngsun said...

i am shiva the god of death!

youngsun said...

michael clayton is the bomb