25 February 2008

Oscars Recap

Overall, I was pretty happy with the way things turned out at the Oscars award-wise. I'm extra happy with a little extra money in my pocket due to some correct predictions. I didn't guess everything right, especially in terms of the ladies, but overall the favorites were the ones to take home the statue. I also switched my guess for Cinematography to There Will Be Blood at the last minute.

I'm glad that No Country didn't get trumped by something "safer" and that Juno didn't take home anything other than the Best Original Screenplay Oscar (which is even still a little questionable, but I suppose inevitable). The ceremony itself was a little lackluster, with some extra half-assed montages of years prior. I read a review in the NYTimes which mentioned that the montages of ceremonies passed only reminded us of what we're missing out on, since there didn't seem to be any real spark of excitement this year, or anything uber-memorable. The review even said that the clips of former acceptance speeches (especially an extra jovial one by Cuba Gooding Jr.) even made the recipients extra self-conscious as to have something to compare with. I don't know about that. The most moving speeches seemed to be from non-native English speakers, such as Bardem's Spanish shout-out to his madre or Marion Cotillard's heavily-accented thank yous. The speeches from the two sweethearts of Once were extra endearing.

Anyway, I'm not going to critique acceptance speeches, it's kind of pointless. In the end I'm happy that 2007 offered us such fantastic films with meaning and depth. I'm especially happy for the Coen brothers, those lovable weirdos.

Ethan and Joel Coen


Tymon said...

You won so much money. I was and am so jealous. It should have been a coin toss. Call it, friend-o.

I think the best part of the evening was when we were drawing penises all over omata's car.

Tymon said...

dude, i flippin love FF Tactics, but it's destroying my social life. I haven't felt the golden warmth of the sun in so long.

The only thing that bothers me about that game is that the dialogue is terrible. I'm willing to overlook that, though, on account of its other charms.

audreymaybe said...

I've stopped finding time for these kinds of televised events. No vendetta, just.
but that was a good recap. I liked the note about the non natives being more sincere. hmmm pschology

JVCubby said...

I truly believe, now, that I was forewarned NOT to attend your Oscar party, because you anticipated my winning the Oscar Pool. You concocted a tale of unexpected visitors assaulting your social scene just because you feared my selections of a French woman and a strange androgynous Scottish woman. And, due to my cartoon drawing abilities you, also, preempted my moment to outshine everyone in drawing the best male reproductive organ on Tangerine Submarine's car.