07 April 2008


I've decided to start a film journal - something to jot thoughts down onto and maybe a quote or two. My first entry rewritten here for your pleasure is from Godard's Pierrot le Fou.

>"In the end, the only thing of any interest is [sic] the paths people take. The tragic part is that even when they know where they're going and who they are, everything is still a mystery... And that mystery, forever unsolved, is life." -> a summation of Godard's work (?) or at least of Pierrot le Fou.

>completely irreverent. ridiculous!

>Godard would often ask himself what Hitchcock would do if he were stuck. In this case Hitchcock would say, "You're on your own pal."

>Anna Karina is incredibly charming/beautiful, even though she has funny teeth
Jean-Paul Belmondo is beyond cool
-> is this the only thing keeping me interested?
I think so

>pure definition of post-modernist art in film

>I hate Godard. I love Godard.


JVC said...

Godard is certainly an important figure in film. A true artist that changed movies FOREVER. But, I do agree. I hate him, yet would watch his work at any time. Oft times, I think his works feel so important and means so much, but then I think, "It means nothing and he is just fooling me ... making me come back for another slap in the face." Yet I do come back. Am I a movie masochist? I watched PIERROT LE FOU, myself, in a lesser print than your Criterion. It was interesting to watch .. kept me watching, but it was a big nothing. His comment on cinemascope Hollywood adventures, I think ... maybe? I don't know. And neither does he, I think, in reality. What would Hitchcock do? He'd make sense of it.

Tymon said...

i must familiarize myself with the fantastic romanticism of film. i have starved my soul for too long. maybe i'll start with godard.

Tymon said...

and that thing on my site is an awkward mashup of my own brain, chen's eloquence, and an Of Montreal song.