27 April 2008

Something to Look Forward To

I always need things to look forward to in life. Here are some things that are keeping me going:

1. David Byrne and Brian Eno have been reported to be wrapping up a new album they worked on together, coming together for the first time in nearly thirty years. Byrne also plans on touring, promising at least 40% Eno-era Talking Heads material sometime this year! Sweet Jesus!

2. The Film Forum in NYC is doing a retrospective on the films of Tatsuya Nakadai, a Japanese screen legend, throughout June. They are playing many films which I'd like to see, including Kobayashi's epic trilogy The Human Condition. Nakadai is also doing a book signing alongside Teruyo Nogami, Kurosawa's longtime script supervisor and all around assistant. I'm hoping to get Nakadai to sign my DVD copy of Ran, a personally significant film in my life (of which Nakadai is the star), and Nogami to sign my copy of her memoir, Waiting on the Weather, which I've started and intend to finish over the summer. Also, both of these figures of Japanese cinema are doing discussion events of their own. I hope to at least see Nogami talk about Kurosawa.

3. I receive my English award on Wednesday, along with some prize money which I plan to use for a new mp3 player with more space (my iPod ran out of room). I'm looking at the new Zune, but am not completely sure. Either way, I'm getting a little unexpected money and a pat on the back, which is always nice once in a while.

4. The end of the semester is deliciously close, with the headache of finals being my last effort for the semester. My main project consists of completing my film, which I will work on editing throughout this week. The completion of my first film will feel good (hopefully) and once the semester is over I will be more than elated.

5. The Criterion Collection - a source of happiness for me - plans to rerelease High and Low on a special 2-disc DVD in July. High and Low is supposedly a superb non-samurai film of Kurosawa, some arguing that it is his best. I have yet to see it - always putting it off for one reason or the other - but now the rerelease allows me to treat myself to a long-awaited cinematic gem.

6. Sonic Youth is playing a FREE show at Battery Park on July 4th. Opening for them are the Feelies(!) who are reuniting for this amazing gig.

7. I may be going on a real vacation (for the first time in my life) to Mexico with Marlo, my money-making sugar mama wife.

8. I suppose you can say the summer in general, which encompasses most of these things. Along with that is the simple pleasure of being able to read books for myself (and not for class), to watch lots and lots of movies, to sleep in late, and to go to the beach, get some sun and look like less of a cadaver.


yoshinorimike said...

Make sure you snag those tickets to the Feelies, on the website starting at noon on June 12th! No telling how soon they could sell out, but for the price of free, I'm thinking they're gonna disappear in a flash. Plus you gotta pick them up in person, so make sure you can do that.

I'm so excited... "Moscow Nights" is one of my top three personal favorite songs of all time. It's gonna be a trip! And then Sonic Youth as well? For Free?!?! I love this city. ^_^

P.S. Keep writing! I love reading your blog to get a really intellectually rigorous look at film. Thank you!

T-time said...

So did you get tickets?! I did. Can't wait!! I'm going with that first guy who commented, you know Jersey genius guy.