11 May 2008

Jim Goes to the Movies

This was the end result of my film project. It was shot on a Bolex camera with 16mm b/w reversal film stock. The image is just a DV recording of a projection on a wall, so the image is not great. Also, the projector skipped at one point, so there's a section with a bit of a jump. When it's REALLY out of focus, that's just my lack of refinement. Anyway, enjoy.


Solomon said...

looks very naise.

youngsun said...

i think you and i would make a good team, and solomon

Shino Takahashi said...

I saw this on facebook through a friend's comment, I really enjoyed it, some parts remind me of Daniel's films. I've watched other films made by students/amateurs experimenting with 18mm, but none comes close to being a good as this! You really thought about the lighting and composition. Seems like its a trend now to use old camera equipment to get "vintage" effects, but not many do it well. I mean, the color and tones are there of course, but there needs to be something a little more, something only a good artist has. The soundtrack for this is great too! wow, it's..perfect, just what I needed to watch today.

How I came across this blog I cannot recall... I've heard of you, and Tymon and I are good friends.

Hello, I'm Shino.

Shino Takahashi said...

yes! :)

are you majoring in film studies? what school do you go to?