27 August 2008

New Look!

I changed my blog up a bit and picked a new template. It's one of the default ones with really minor modifications so it's not that special, but I felt I needed a change. I also changed the banner picture and the title of the blog, which I think looks much better. The picture is a modified still of one of my favorite movies, Le Samourai by Jean-Pierre Melville. NAIVE CINEMA is a play off "Naive Melody" which is the parenthetical title of "This Must Be the Place," the Talking Heads song I previously used as a blog title. I almost automatically picked "This Must Be the Place" when I first made this blog because it is my favorite song, though I had no idea what it had to do with movies or the content of this blog. Since this is essentially a movie blog, I decided to give it a movie-centered title - simple as that. "Naive" can mean a few things, but basically I think it has to do with a simplicity in thinking and in responding to things. I often feel I am very naive when watching films, and even afterward when I try to be critical or analytical, objectively I do seem a bit naive and artless. I don't think it is necessarily a negative term, but more of a reminder to myself that no matter how much I may talk about a film's good or bad points, in the end it's a matter of how it affects me in a simple, straightforward way; in the end it's more of a mystical thing. Makes sense? Of course not; it's all so naive.

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