25 November 2008

New Drool-Worthy Website

The Criterion Collection sale is over, but an even better offering is now available: the new Criterion site. The site has a nice little intro video as well as a new layout, essays, and an online viewing scheme. The real treat, however, is a link from the Criterion site to its friend The Auteurs. This site has online film festivals that lets you watch films for free! I previewed one and the quality is very good. It is an excellent, free alternative to Netflix instant play and is even better because it provides additional information such as incredible essays and a forum. You may even make a little profile with a picture, information, and a list of your favorite auteurs. It's still in the BETA stage, so there are kinks to work out, but the ideas are promising. Free movies!

"The cinema, she is a whore. First she charge a nickel, now she charge five dollars. When she learns to give it away, she will be free.”

-Andrei Tarkovsky

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