13 December 2008

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This made me laugh today, so I thought I'd share it.

Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield


Yofred Moik said...

I just finished watching Dancer In The Dark by Von Trier and was wondering what your thoughts are on the film.

Yofred Moik said...

I'll recommend it. The director has a phobia of flying, so he's actually never been to America but makes films that I think represents how he feels about the country. He uses a hand-held camera, which can be bothersome. Also, his style of editing is not traditional. Also, this film could be classified as a musical, but itll be the oddest musical you will ever see. It is the exact opposite of a uplifting, sing-along musical.

The story is about a mother who is so stubbornly naive that she would make illogical sacrifices to cure her son from a hereditary disease that eventually causes blindness. The mother suffers from this disease as well. With her lack of clear vision, it makes it easier for her to daydream about musicals and escape the harsh realities of her immigrant life. Her character might be portrayed as slightly autistic, but I like to think not.

This is a very emotionally taxing film. Although the direction of the plot could be determined early on in the film, I had never expected it to continue to tack on further emotional weight until the very end. Bjork plays the main character, which is why i went to see it. I must admit that it is one of the saddest films I have ever watched, although I can admit that it was very manipulative and only "works" if you allow it to.


Sophia is quite perturbed due to the fact she lost a very luscious Spanish Olive from her house salad. She thinks she knows where it flew when her fork was jostled by the waiter. Sophia loves her olives.