23 February 2009

Oscars Recap 2009

Turns out I got a lot more right regarding my Oscars predictions than I thought I would. If only more money was in the pool. Some thoughts:

> The '30s-inspired set was nice, but it did feel awkwardly intimate in the front row, especially since Meryl Streep's pouty, arm-clinging daughter was in the middle of every over-the-shoulder-of-announcer shot of the crowd.

> The opening number was saved by Hugh Jackman ending it by singing "I AM WOL-VER-INE!" and raising his fists.

> The rehearsed praise for acting nominees by previous winners was long-winded and a little awkward.

> I loved Penelope's speech because she said, "Thank you Oody."

> Thank God for Japanese award-winners! "Sank you... my pencirr."

> Tina Fey and Steve Martin are meant to be.

> Is Tilda Swinton David Bowie's long-lost brother?

> I usually don't pick a live action short on the ballot until I see the clips during the nomination announcements. Then I pick the one that has to do with Nazis. 2 for 2 so far.

> Is the musical really back or is it just Beyonce? Again.

> If I were Peter Gabriel I wouldn't want to perform half my song sandwiched between two from SLUMDOG, getting cut off by someone screaming, "Jai Ho!!"

> Sophia Loren is 74. Give her a break. Somehow it's harder to give a break to Goldie Hawn though. Lift the front of your dress!

> Sean Penn pulls ahead of Rourke for the win in the only really unpredictable category, then calls the Academy "Commie, homo-loving sons of guns." Yes.

> What mystical forest did Danny Boyle escape from?


Kenji Nakai said...

You pretty much nailed that list.

James said...

I really disliked the presentation. It was boring and predictable and had some good points, but mostly made me cringe. Comments are on my blog, too ... I see we both loved the Japanese animator with the French cartoon.

James said...

Oh ... HA HA I just re-read your post and noticed the Nazi reference. How did I miss it? It's so true. Nazis are Oscar GOLD! I saw the swastikas in that clip from Speuzgeland (whatever) and knew it was a winner. And don't forget Winslet! A Nazi guard and naked to boot! Double the charm to the voters.