28 September 2009

NYFF09 Review: Police, Adjective

I will be linking reviews I have written for the Film Society of Lincoln Center's blog for the next week. Please click the link to read the full write-up.

Police Adjective by Corneliu Porumboiu (2)

Police Adjective, Corneliu Porumboiu’s second feature, is a film of slow, deliberate inaction – an inverted police procedural in which waiting, watching, and paper work displace any of the usual sensational elements within the genre such as finding clues or cracking the case. It’s not that Cristi, our police protagonist, is unprofessional or lazy, but that the case to which he is assigned doesn’t promise much action in the first place: a teenage boy gives hashish to his two friends and Cristi has to find out where he gets it from. What unfolds is an absurdist take on police work that questions law and morality through long, meditative takes (many of which are in real time) and moments of pitch-perfect comedy.

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