12 December 2009

Ode to Written on the Wind

In continuation of my attempt to capture what I love about my favorite movies through crude poetry. Part 1 with Stagecoach is here, Part 2 with McCabe & Mrs. Miller is here.

My wishes whip against me
like the winds that used to blow
by the river and make you laugh
as they tossed my hair.

What I wouldn't give to be there
instead of here,
picking up greasy gas station boys
just to prove I can love enough,
with a bottle of stuff
from daddy's drawer.

You son of a bitch!
Can't you hear me tango
with your picture
every night in my best dress?

You stupid fool!
Can't you see the color
of my lipstick
matches the blood in my heart?

So I sit inside the window's ledge,
staring at the edge of the lawn
where you have already driven off
with someone else's daughter -

and I lie by the river
alone with my wishes
written on the wind.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing as always