20 February 2010

A Handful of Hope, a Fistful of Hell!

The Criterion Collection, that beautiful oasis of DVD treasures, is releasing some films that I have been wanting for a while in premium editions. At the top of the list is this Nick Ray film produced by James Mason, Bigger Than Life, a '50s psycho-melodrama about an overworked father that gets hooked on a pill that unleashes his hyper masculinity and turns him into a terror for his wife and young son. Here's a great little intro by the producer and star, Mr. Mason:



Why didn't they just use martinis instead of pharmaceuticals?

Matt Olver said...

I am very much looking forward to the new Criterion Blu Rays of Bigger Than Life, Stagecoach, By Brakhage: An Anthology, Volumes One and Two, and Ride With the Devil.