31 October 2010

No, I guess not

Well, this blog is going out with a whimper. As much as I'd like to continue writing in here, it's been too much to keep up with on top of school, work, and my meager attempt at having a life. The fact that this front page has posts from half a year ago is a little embarrassing and I'm not going to pretend to keep up with it anymore. Thank you for those who've been reading every once in a while. I'll continue blogging little odds and ends through my tumblr (kazuwabe.tumblr.com) so please check in on me there. So long!


Matt Olver said...

Sad to see you leave this blog, but many thanks for your few prolific years of insightful views and commentary on many great films and film people. I'll look for you on tumblr. Maybe someday I'll be reading a book of yours on a great film or director.

tymon said...

Well, this is depressing.